See.Sense, the official Bike Light Supplier & Crowdsourced Insights Supplier to British Cycling, are pushing what is capable in lighting while also working to improve cycling for everyone with their innovative products.

Their lights (used by 40,000 cyclists across 75 countries) shine in daylight & nighttime and react to moments when a cyclist is at risk by flashing brighter & faster. They pride themselves on applying 5+ years of R&D into their products while continuing to manufacture in the UK.

Their light ACE was the most-backed bike light in Kickstarter history & was hailed by BikeRadar as ‘A heap of tricks in an affordable package”. But See.Sense don’t just receive recognition from the cycling industry, they also secured a commendation for product design by the Institute of Designers (Ireland) in 2019.

See.Sense aren’t stopping there though, they are releasing never seen before technology with their new front light BEAM which adapts according to light levels.

Their lights don’t just make cyclists safer. They help both cyclists and cities, allowing users to share unique insights about their rides to shape future infrastructure. British Cycling will use the insights detected from the lights to help improve cycling conditions across the UK.