Revo Bikes is now in its third year of operation at Revolution Bike Park in Llangynog Powys. We specialise in MTB and, in particular, the gravity end of the market given our location. We run demo programmes and offer the very top brands catered for the DH and Enduro crowd. Our world class mechanic keeps the local and park visitors’ bikes on the trail and our regulars include the likes of Tahnee Seagrave. We will be expanding in 2020 by doubling our floor size and attending more events. We already retail at the Fort William World Cup but 2020 will see us support uplift days across Wales. We are rider run and it shows.


Finding a bike shop in MidWales is hard. Finding a bikeshop in MidWales, run by qualified mechanics/bikers, that DONT rip you off, have a WorldCup mechanic, a cytech mechanic AND an ex brand-Tech-head to choose from, on the site of one of the best ride venues in the country, that stocks pretty much exactly what you need to keep you Rolling when you screw up, helps you for less than your LBS, fits you in same-day AND does it all with a small portion of wit thrown in for free, is frankly bloody impossible to find… But Revo do it! Until the next time Revo!