Rachael has taken Hopetech Women from an idea and some informal meet ups to a brand with international reach and a sell out race to its name. Without dumbing down, making women’s specific products, or any of the cliched bike industry ‘appeal to women’ moves, Rachael has brought the joy of riding mountain bikes to a whole range of women and abilities.

In doing so, she’s shown how brands can reach a female audience through attitude and atmosphere – something that any brand could do. It doesn’t need a specific range of women’s products, it just needs a range of quality products that discerning buyers want to buy.

As well as doing a fantastic job of marketing Hope products to women, she’s an awesome rider whose adventures and ability can inspire experienced and new riders all genders. Intelligent, approachable, friendly and always helpful, she’s exactly the kind of ambassador mountain biking – and the cycle industry – needs.