In 2019 Primal not only launched one innovative product but two, firstly from an idea to production Primal created the new ESport Bib Shorts, indoor cycling has seen incredibly fast growth and PRimal has been able to tap into that market with the new ESport Bib Shorts, the shorts themselves are made with with a lightweight, fast wicking fabric to help deal with the heat generated when riding on a trainer. The lighter weave of the fabric helps to pull moisture away from the skin to keep the rider cooler. To further help reduce sweat, it has used MARC woven leg bands which it found reduces sweat compared to laser cut hems. The bib straps, called FlexBib, have “laser incisions”, holes to further combat the heat gained when cycling indoors. Primal worked with Welsh Cycling to develop the shorts. In 2019, Primal also launched its first Triathlon product the new AXIA triathlon suit not only ITU compliant but with an exciting male & female design that is replicated with accessories. Whilst launching new and innovative products across multiple disciplines Primal launched its first sustainability policy. This policy is not about lip service but a real understanding and acceptance of their impact on the environment. Primal has not only shown innovation in product but also in industry environment and ethical standards.