Orbea has been growing at an incredible rate throughout the UK and Ireland, and particularly in the past twelve months, with 2018 up 76% on the previous year. The Basque brand has innovated with the Gain e-road bike; is the industry leader in customised product and has become an incredibly valuable partner to its network of IBDs across the nation. It’s team of reps has worked hand in hand with their retailers, organising over 30 demo events so far in 2019, supporting and ensuring sellout for our partners.

Recently, Orbea brought over 50 of their best UK and Irish dealers to its home base outside Bilbao for the first of its Key Partner events, acknowledging the importance of being connected with their retailer family in a deeper way. Orbea’s strategy in the UK and Ireland sees value addition at the core of its trade offering, meaning retailers can put more money in the till with Orbea.

Been working with them since January and honestly I wasn’t expecting such passion and amazing product to come from a brand that is a fraction of the size of other know brands and what a sub 500 workforce can accomplish!