HEXR is the first world’s first 3D printed, custom helmet built on a honeycomb hexagonal layer, instead of traditional foam. Having been in development for 6 years, exhaustive studies by the founders found that poor fit undermined the effectiveness of cycling helmets. The honeycomb layer that forms the basis of the helmet is created to fit perfectly to a riders head, and to protect better than any other road cycling helmet.

Not only does HEXR’s new helmet surpass all current safety standard tests₁, but additional testing has shown improvements on rival helmets, including those equipped with MIPS. Each helmet is printed from a scan of the wearer’s head – which can be done from an ipad and application; meaning it is perfectly designed to fit any shape and size head, and the honeycomb structure means that it is not restricted by sizing – unlike conventional EPS helmets.

The helmets are printed in the UK, and distributed directly to the consumer – meaning the environmental impact is seriously reduced compared to those printed abroad. This ultimately created the best fitted, safest helmets on the market.