Only fully available in the UK from February, Dynaplug’s quick, convenient and compact tubeless repair systems have taken UK IBD’s by storm with hundreds already stocking them.

Feedback indicates that the arrival of Dynaplug and an easy to use, always ready and permanent tubeless repair system has been a game changer for shops in how they sell tubeless in general and road tubeless in particular.

Dynaplug are a small, family run manufacturer based out of Chico, California but thanks to their innovative and unique technology and the UK backing of Madison they look set to being anything but a small presence in the UK market for years to come.

This clever little tubeless puncture repair system has been incredibly popular since it arrived in the UK and everyone that uses it, swears by it. Super little American brand that let’s the quality of its product do the talking.

Innovative, smart and genuinely brilliant. Dynaplug just works for tubeless repairs, simple to use and packs neatly into almost anything.