Since August 2018, Cycling UK has delivered two innovative, cutting-edge driver education campaigns to tackle two deterrents against cycling – dangerous overtaking and car-dooring. Complementing this, their lobbying has paved the way for further improvements in driving standards around cyclists by securing a Highway Code review, which will make cycling a safer and more accessible activity.

Drawing on their expertise in cyclists’ road safety, Cycling UK’s Too Close For Comfort and Dutch Reach campaigns pioneer the use of virtual reality to deliver a first-of-its-kind ‘changing places’ educational experience to improve drivers’ understanding of why close overtaking and car-dooring are so dangerous and intimidating for cyclists.

Through partnership building with police, Highways England and Uber; a multimedia approach using paper and online guides alongside 3D and 2D videos has reached a wide audience, including non-cyclists, learner drivers and driving instructors, with the recent Dutch Reach campaign organically reaching over 250,000 people in its first week.

The positive impact of these high-quality educational interventions complemented years of concerted lobbying by Cycling UK to help secure a Government review of the Highway Code rules relating to cycling.

By addressing the most significant barrier to cycling, this advocacy will help enable millions more to cycle.