Our Customer Service policy at Criterium Cycles is clear and simple – delighting our customers is the reason we are in business. We have built up an enviable reputation in 6 years, focused around selling Trek and Bianchi bikes and a selected range of premium brands such as Kask, Gore, Bontrager, Torq and Restrap.

We focus on making sure customers select the bike that is right for them and then ensure through our added value services such as Bike Fit and our after sales service delivers the best possible outcomes time after time. With respect to Bike Fit, we take great care and pride in this area and a complementary bike fit using our state of the art jig is provided with every bike we sell.

Our staff team ride regularly in events in Scotland and further afield – the Marmotte is about to be tackled for 2019! – and we have built a vibrant community of customers including on social media who are part of our cycling journey and we part of theirs. We have grown around 25% LFL compared to 2018 and we look forward to many more years of being Edinburgh’s premium cycle store.


I have nothing but praise for the Criterium team. Paul and his staff have second to none knowledge and deliver fantastic service every time I’m in the shop. I’ve purchased 3 bikes personally from them and recommended others to purchase there too.

Paul and the team offer every thing you could need in a bike shop, bikes, kit, repairs, advise, a cup of coffee while you discussion your next purchase with them. They are very knowledgable in their product range and have a knack for know what you actually need, not what you think you want, and haven’t been wrong yet, be it CX bikes, Gravel tourers, mountain bikes and all the assorted gubbins needed to get me from a to b. If there is any issues with products they are always super helpful in dealing with it and getting it sorted out.

Delighted customer – continually impressed with the level of customer service and attention to detail that surpasses any that I’ve found anywhere else in the country. It’s difficult to imagine how they can improve and yet I’m confident they will find a way.

Outstanding service and knowledge of every single product they sell as well as competitors.

The range of products they have is excellent with a price point for all budgets. However it is awesome to be able to walk into the shop and be able to see and touch so many top end bikes from Trek and Bianchi.

Buying a bike from Paul and the gang is not a transaction it’s an experience.

Put simply. The best and most helpful bike shop I’ve had the pleasure of buying from. This is personified in the staff working in the store, they are not wanting to sell the highest volume or the most expensive bike they want every customer who comes in to get the right bike for their needs. This is the reason that I will be returning to Criterium Cycles for as long as I am riding bikes.

Exceptional customer service from Paul and his team. This store as transformed my cycling into an addiction and they always go above and beyond to make sure I am happy.

I wanted a new bike. I travelled 4 hours on the train to Edinburgh for an appointment with Paul. He then spent two hours with me, customising the fit on their state of the art fitting jig, finding out what type of rider I was, what rides I like doing then making recommendations based on all this and my budget. The result was I purchased a Trek Emonda in fabulous Project One colours. It arrived after a few weeks and I am absolutely delighted with it. Paul delivered it to my house and took me on a personal two hour test ride! I would not hesitate to recommend Criterium to anyone thinking of buying a new bike.

Had outstanding service for them this year.
Order a new bike and they did a great job of making sure I got the best bike for me and my type of cycling rather than the bike I fancied, i wanted a Bianchi Oltre XR4 but they directed me towards the Bianchi Infinito as this would suit my cycling needs better despite it being a cheaper bike. And the custom changes I wanted to the standard specification were no problem at all. A while later I took my commuting bike in for a squeaky brake and they did a full health check and it turned out my bike was basically not roadworthy despite feeling generally OK to me and they sorted out all the issues and it is now running better than ever. They will also stay open for a few hours after closing time so you can pick a bike up in order to use it the next day (I was working down south and could not get back to Edinburgh until late).

I get consistently high quality customer service, advice and support from Paul and the team at Criterium Cycles, as well as a good cup of coffee.

I had heard of Criterium Cycles through a friend, who recommended them and I wasn’t disappointed. Paul’s enthusiasm for cycling is infectious and he really took time to understand what I wanted and needed, being new to cycling the two weren’t necessarily the same! He clearly identified a few bikes that would meet my needs and gave me the pros and cons of each so that I was able to make my own final judgement. The bike fit was extremely thorough, which gave me so much confidence.

I contacted the store a few times post purchase to ask for some advice about the bike, training and nutrition and found everyone that I dealt with extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The team at Criterium invested a lot of time with me and I was also able to draw from their experiences of events in order to prepare myself for my first one. I also bought a trainer from the store and my husband went on to buy a mountain bike too. At every stage we have been impressed by their friendly and professional approach and we have gone on to recommended the store to others.

Had never heard of Criterium Cycles prior to January but discovered them after deciding I needed a Trek dealer to help with a Project One purchase. They are a 140mile drive from home but never once did I doubt I’d chosen the best dealer for the job. From first conversation, through the selection advice and bike fit to final specification and delivery fit out. Customer service of the absolute highest order and they even give you coffee. 10/10 everyday of the week and the bike’s not half bad either.

Criteruim Cycles customer service is simply unbeatable. I’ve experienced a lot of bike specialists in my cycling hobbies across road and MTB disciplines. Any advice I need about bikes, bike components, fit or performance on and off the bike they are the first to assist with the most accurate and up to date information. They support me in my cycling by assisting with the best kit for what I’m looking to achieve. I’m always presented with options and the choice is mine. Recent example was a shoe fit where they recommended a mid range shoe however when trying them on I preferred the comfort of the higher range shoe. Plus it will deliver more performance in my races.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Criterium Cycles. I walked in as a novice who had agreed to take part in a charity bike ride that would see me Cycle from Washington to upstate New York. The friendly, expert advice meant I had the right bike, the right fit, the right approach and the right mindset for the event. I completed it as planned and credit Criterium Cycles for the fact that I was equipped for it and took the right steps to prepare physically and mentally. They could have sold me anything- I would t know the difference. I browsed another independent and a chain branch but the personal touch and professional excellence was outstanding from Criterium Cycles.

Criterium Cycles don’t only sell bikes.
What you get from Criterium is the whole bike buying experience, the efficiency in helping you chose what’s right for you and right for your budget, the thorough checking of the bike before it’s passed to the customer, the time taken to ensure the bike is set up correctly for the rider to the aftercare services which are only a phonecall or a visit away.
Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble – the customers are highly regarded and the staff are highly motivated.

I have been a customer of criterium cycles for a number of years and I have had an amazing service from them from the purchase of bikes, servicing of bikes, bike fits, discussions on appropriate modifications, buys of gadgets such as helmets, lights, GPS units, shoes etc.
In addition Paul sat with me to customer build and project one madone bike and really helped me design the final product.
Paul and his team has excellent customer service, extremely knowledgeable and nothing is too much for them to assist.

I do not go to any other bike centre and highly recommend this independent retailer.

It is very rare to find any business that meets all my needs.
It is fantastic to support an independent retailer and these guys deserve all the accolades that come to them.

I’ve been back and forth from Criterium Cycles over the last 2 years and you can always guarantee that Paul and the team will make you feel very welcome every time you go in and are on hand to answer any questions you have and offer their expert advice. Being a born again cyclist their enthusiasm and knowledge helped me get back up and running, from choosing the most appropriate equipment for my needs to carrying out a bike fit on my 2009 Trek Madone. All this made a noticeable difference, not only to my performance and comfort but to my enjoyment of cycling. Customer service at its very best.

I have found Paul & the team at Criterium have the best product knowledge, are the most professional for customer care and just so friendly that I’m happy to fully recommend them. It’s great in the age of the Internet to have such a great business that makes the case for bricks & mortar shops.

I am new to cycling and whatever my question or need, I am assured of honest, sensible and quality advice. Whoever I speak to, this excellent standard of care is guaranteed. The quality of work on my bikes both in set up and servicing is second to none.

The attention to detail, customer focus, & entire all-round experience is what Criterium Cycles are all about. They had been recommended to me by a third party, as I was looking to purchase a new Bianchi road bike, and the whole purchase, from models available, to choosing spec & finally complimentary fitting, was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They treat you like a long-term acquaintance, not just another quick-sale customer. Cannot praise them highly enough.