‘As Head of Marketing and Communications for Beryl, the UK’s leading micromobility provider, Nyree is playing a key role in the work that the company is doing to address the gender imbalance in cycling. Earlier this year, Nyree pulled together a series of panel discussions for International Women’s Day. The panels were made up of women leading the way in business, the media, tech and micromobility and covered topics such as ‘Challenging perceptions of female cyclists in the media’ and ‘Feminism & Gender Balance in Urban Planning & Policy’.

‘She is a strong advocate for the positive impact that micromobility schemes can have on expanding access to cycling. Beryl’s own figures show that in 2020, a majority of their riders were women – with 50% compared to 48% male and 2% transgender female and gender variant/non-conforming.

‘As the UK’s only B Corp certified micromobility provider, Beryl is taking proactive steps to widen access to cycling and ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits of sustainable and active travel. Spearheading the internal and external communications on all such measures, Nyree is driving the company’s work forward in this space – helping to make cycling a more inclusive space for everyone.’