‘Michelle Jakeway is the Head of Marketing for Raleigh, the UK’s best known bike brand and has worked there for more than six years. Michelle was central to the recent recreation of one of Raleigh’s advertisements promoting the joy of cycling to women nearly 100 years ago in support of Cycling UK’s ‘Women’s Festival of Cycling’. Her hope for the campaign was that it would help raise awareness of the importance of equality, as well as demonstrate Raleigh’s responsibility to be a role model for greater inclusivity, within the cycling industry.

‘She has placed a special focus on Women’s Lifestyle media in order to increase awareness and understanding of cycling for new female riders; recently providing her ‘top 5 tips to boost confidence on the bike’ for Hello! Magazine.

‘Michelle’s drive for promoting cycling on an individual and local community level has seen her impact the industry on a wider scale. Michelle’s family advocacy work has led her to be nominated for the 100 Women in Cycling list, and she will be a speaker at the forthcoming Cycling and Walking Innovations Conference discussing the wide ranging and positive impacts that e-bikes and e-cargo bikes will have on the future of mobility in towns and cities.’