‘Alexandra co-founded Bike Club in 2016 from her two-bed flat which at one point was home to 34 bikes as she bootstrapped the business. In creating the UK’s first subscription kids bike service, Alex has revolutionised the traditional model of ownership and changed the landscape of the market forever. By exchanging bikes as children grow, the company ensures that members always have the perfect-sized bike.

‘Now Alex has grown the membership of Bike Club to over 36,000. She has directly inspired thousands of young cyclists to learn a vital, confidence boosting skill and to fall in love with a more active lifestyle. At the same time, Alex has raised three children of her own, secured over £17million of funding for Bike Club, and built the company into the largest micro mobility network in the UK – larger even than Uber and Santander Cycles.

‘This year Alex kickstarted the reCycle scheme which seeks out and purchases some of the 12.5million unused kids bikes across the country. These are then refurbished and offered to families to ride and love at a reduced monthly fee, cutting down waste and increasing the access to quality kids bikes in a period plagued by industry-wide stock shortages.’