Vielo is an Indy boutique British brand that offers an exclusive range of exceptional, high-end, cutting edge bicycles focused on innovation, fusing the latest carbon fibre technology and know-how with beautiful design and craftsmanship. Underpinned with a passion and belief to make it better.

Vielo launched their new road bike (R+1) at the Sea Otter Classic festival in the US in April 2019. The world first 1X only road bike.

R&D began with creating a document that describes and translates customer needs for the future product in all its details into engineering language. This later extends to 2D cad files for geometry (biomechanics) and kinematics (performance) and then into 3D cad files for general, numeric simulations and mould manufacturing.

Zap Espinoza of Road Bike Action claimed: “Of the myriad of new bikes found among the hundreds of expo tents at the Sea Otter Classic, there were two that stood out as being truly unique – and they were both found in the Vielo Bikes booth. One look at the bikes and it’s clear that the British duo are intent on doing things differently.”

Vielo offer a unique omni channel distribution direct to specialist IBD’s and customers in the UK and around the world.