Knog was founded in 2002 as a product design business, their products are designed in Melbourne, Australia but used all over the world. The lovechild of Hugo Davidson (Designer) and Mal McKechnie (Engineer) who started working together long before Knog, and shared the same vision: to make ‘unboring things’.

Knog seek out what is boring, inconvenient, ugly etc. and re-think how these simple – or complex – products look, feel and function. The results of that philosophy are products like the fabulously simple Oi bell which has now sold over one million units!

Knog have been relentless in revolutionising the lighting category with products like PWR – a range of modular lights and accessories which share a battery that works as a power bank to charge other devices (phone, Garmin, etc.). In the past year they have brought another two ground breaking lights to market: PLUS – a sub £20 light that’s wearable, USB rechargeable, has COB LEDs, 2-40 hours running time and weighs less than a Cadbury’s chocolate finger! Next up is Cobber, with 3300 of light coverage it’s breakthrough in ‘be-seen’ technology.

In short, Knog are more into revolution than evolution, shock and awe more than “aww”.