I want to throw my helmet in the ring for the woman of the year award this year, without probing or prompting others to nominate me.

I’d like to be considered for this award based on the years of passion, professionalism, time, sweat and tears I’ve dedicated to encouraging more women to ride bicycles. From being the editor of Total Women’s Cycling, to being the first female presenter on GMBN, I’ve worked hard to showcase the sport, inspire others and become more hands-on with my approach. Last year I became a qualified mechanic so that I could host courses for women, and this year, I became a qualified guide to help further my ambition to get more people riding bikes.

My not-for-profit website, Velo Me, has gained incredible traction, awareness and recognition in its time and I’m ever so grateful for the opportunities it’s given me to connect with cyclists all over the world, both within and outside of the professional industry.